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There IS no better place to be...
Adele's Diner, Rt. 30 & 160  754-4466  
Castagnas Restaurant & Lounge, Rt.30
Ida's Corner Store, Shanksville
Indian Lake Resort    (a.k.a. The Lodge)
Maggie Maes Neighborhood Cafe, Somerset
Mike's Market, Rt. 160, Central City
Coalfields 2 Mini Mart, Take-Out & Gas, Rt. 30  754-5002
The Italian Deli at Coalfields, 1401 Main St., Berlin 267-1000
BP Convenience Store & Gas, Rt. 160, Central City
Wal-Mart, Rt. 601 & 219, Somerset
Giant Eagle, Rt. 601, Somerset
Bi-Lo, Rt31 & Berlin Plank Rd, Somerset